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04-05-2012, 10:30 PM
Remove passcode from iPhone manually with Gecko (for user that have errors on Gecko)<br />
Hi all*<br />
i had a problem removing a passcode from 3gs with GECKO software it kept giving me the unexpected parameter i error message. So after a lot of tries this is the way i managed to manually load the custom ramdisk and remove the passcode from an 3gs 4.2.1. and 4g 5.0.1 :<br /> <br />
1. Download Gecko iPhone Toolkit and install it.<br />
2. Download the newest version of Redn0w place it on c:A folder<br />
3. Download the iPhone2*1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw for 3GS or iPhone3*1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw for iPhone 4 and place them in c:A<br />
4. Go to C:UsersYOUR_USERNAMEAppDataLocalTemp
amdisks and from there copy the 2 files 3gsramdisk.dmg and i4ramdisk.dmg to c:A<br />
5. Connect you iPhone* open Gecko iPhone Toolkit* select your model and press the Boot button. It will give you the unexpected parameter i error.<br />
6. Then press the Start button* and open command prompt by typing CMD<br />
7. Navigate to c:A<br />
8. In command prompt write the following:<br /> <br />
For iPhone 3gs:<br />
Redsn0w -i c:AiPhone2*1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw -r c:A3gsramdisk.dmg<br /> <br />
For iPhone 4:<br />
Redsn0w -i c:AiPhone3*1_5.0.1_9a405_Restore.ipsw -r c:Ai4ramdisk.dmg<br /> <br />
6. If you did everything right you should be able to read a big OK on you screen.<br />
7. Press the Launch button (you should be able to see on your phone screen AppleKeyStore:sending) and wait for around 20min* you should be able to see your code.<br /> <br />
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