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How to jailbreak<br />
•Whats the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking?<br /> <br />
•What tool can I use to jailbreak?<br /> <br />
•Does jailbreaking upgrade my firmware?<br /> <br />
•How do I build a custom firmware?<br /> <br />
•Where can I get more information about jailbreaks / iOS / firmwares / etc. ?<br /> <br />
•Where can I find a step-by-step guide to jailbreaking my iDevice?<br /> <br />
•How do I remove my jailbreak?<br /> <br />
•How do I enter DFU mode?<br /> <br />
•Whats DFU mode?<br /> <br />
•Whats pwned DFU mode?<br /> <br />
•Whats a tethered jailbreak?<br /> <br />
•When will there be an untethered jailbreak for iOS x.x.x or an unlock for baseband xx.xx.xx?<br /> <br />
•Is there an iPad 2 jailbreak?<br /> <br />
•What are the prerequisites for running Greenpois0n successfully?<br /> <br />
•Where does iTunes store firmware IPSW files it downloads?<br /> <br />
•I have a 1st generation device and Im on 3.1.2/3.1.3. How do I jailbreak?<br /> <br />
Jailbreaking errors and troubleshooting<br />
•What are the common reasons for a failing restore?<br /> <br />
•Why wont my device boot?<br /> <br />
•My device says Connect to iTunes, I keep trying to reboot, but it keeps going back to Connect to iTunes!<br /> <br />
•Stuck in Recovery loop at 4.2.1 and above Along with errors 1015 and 1013<br />
•After running Greenpois0n, loader/Cydia crashes or Cydia icon is missing, how do I install Cydia?<br /> <br />
•Why am I having trouble jailbreaking my iPhone 3Gs, model A1241 (A1324 China)?<br /> <br />
•Why am I having so much trouble jailbreaking my 8-gig iPod Touch 3G?<br /> <br />
•Jailbreakme doesnt recognize my device<br /> <br />
•My iPhone 3G wont work Along with jailbreakme.com<br /> <br />
•How do I fix an Error 1013?<br /> <br />
•I keep getting error 1600 in iTunes when flashing the custom firmware, what can I do?<br /> <br />
•Im getting Error 1015, what can I do?<br /> <br />
•iPhone Error Codes Along with Solutions<br />
•Im getting Failed to get AppleS5L8920XARM7M on my iDevice when running Greenpois0n. What does this mean?<br /> <br />
•Redsn0w stuck on uploading ramdisk?<br /> <br />
•I have the iPhone 3G[S] and Im trying to restore to a custom iPhone3,1_x.x.x_***X_Restore.ipsw and iTunes wont let me, what do I do?<br /> <br />
•I downloaded the firmware for my device, but it doesnt show up when I browse to it Along with Redsn0w. Where did it go?<br /> <br />
•My Verizon iPhone wont activate after a restore and says unknown for the MEID<br />
•Using iFaith to create a signed custom IPSW<br />
Post-jailbreaking troubleshooting<br />
•My battery life is bad after jailbreaking, what can I do about it?<br /> <br />
•My device stopped working, went back to the lockscreen, and said Springboard crashed. What do I do?<br /> <br />
Downgrading<br />
•Can I downgrade from 4.3.x to 4.3.3? (Or upgrade to 4.3.3?)<br /> <br />
•Why do I want SHSHs / TinyUmbrella?<br /> <br />
•When do I not want SHSH blobs to downgrade my iDevice?<br /> <br />
•I have an iPhone 3G/iPod touch 2nd generation, should I go on iOS 3.1.3 or iOS 4.2.1?<br /> <br />
Unlocking<br />
•Where can I find a step-by-step guide to unlocking my iPhone?<br /> <br />
•Can I unlock my iPhone via ultrasn0w?<br /> <br />
•How can I install ultrasn0w on my iPhone Along without Wi-Fi?<br /> <br />
•What is hacktivation? How can I hacktivate?<br /> <br />
•How to use SAM to get proper activation of my iPhone?<br /> <br />
•Whats the point of installing the iPad baseband (06.15.00) on my iPhone 3G/3G[S]?<br /> <br />
•How to unlock the Verizon iPhone to another CDMA carrier?<br /> <br />
•I just got Gevey SIM and have some issues Along with it.<br /> <br />
•How can I test if push notifications work on my iDevice?<br /> <br />
•After jailbreaking and installing ultrasn0w, my Verizon iPhone gets no service when locked<br /> <br />
Cydia<br />
•What Third-Party Repositories are safe to add to Cydia, what do they contain, and how?<br /> <br />
•Im adding a repo and I get a message about it being illegal. What do I do?<br /> <br />
•I open Cydia and it says my TSS request is pending. What does this mean?<br /> <br />
•There are themes/tweaks/utilities available for purchase on Cydia. How do I make a purchase on Cydia?<br /> <br />
General<br />
•Wheres all the free stuff?<br />
•How to change SSH default password<br />
•Can I install Android on my iDevice?<br /> <br />
•What is SpringBoard (etc)?<br /> <br />
•Does my iDevice Serial Number hold any significance?<br /> <br />
•How to find UDID for my iDevice<br /> <br />
•I installed Frash and its not working.<br /> <br />
•Where are the Clock, Calculator, Compass, Stocks, VoiceMemos and Weather apps on the iPad and iPad 2?<br /> <br />
•How to enable Voice Control on iPad 2<br /> <br />
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