The video above is definitely not real, so don't start drooling too soon; however, feel free to let you imagination wander while watching it. The video is a concept render created by a 17 year old videographer with some serious skills and a bit of time on his hands. The ideas in the video have all been suggested multiple times in past rumors, but are unlikely to make it into the actual iPhone 5. Despite the fact that this "fake iPhone 5 commercial" was created by a 17 year old (and really shows off his talent), what really makes the video stand out is the possibility that we will actually see all of these features show up in a future iPhone. The transparent phone design and laser-projected keyboard really stand out as impressive.

Keep something very cool in mind... none of these concepts are simply wishful thinking, and in fact all of them are being actively developed by multiple companies. The only question is when will we see these ideas become reality in our smartphones... perhaps the iPhone 6 or 7? The future looks bright.

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