i purchase iphone 3gs MC133ID new bootloader from my friend Along with status recovery mode.

he say last firmware is 3.1.3.

i check Along with tiny umbrella only 4.1&4.3.5 shsh blobs save

* i try restore Along with stock firmware 4.1&4.3.5 i get ERROR 37

try restore Along with custom firmware 4.1 DFU&recovery mode still ERROR37

try Along with any metode i found on google

still the same error (PwnAge_snowbreeze_ireb_etc)

try on mac or windows Along with 2 computer still error 37

At last i restore on dfu mode Along with firmware 4.3.5 twice (on Mac 10.6.8) still error 37 & the phone back to recovery mode.

after that i check on terminal via iRecovery Nand structure is ok ,not like before i restore but the phone but still on recovery mode

if i set setenv auto-boot true & saveenv the phone is reboot but still recovery mode.

after that i try jailbreak Along with redsnow 0.9.8b3 Along with firmware 4.3.4 it success &iphone rebooting but comeback to recovery mode

i tetherboot Along with redsnow 0.9.8b3 Along with firmware 4.3.4

WOWWW the iphone come back normal again title=winktitle=big

but there is something strange when i check Setting>General>About on the iphone

the modem firmware still on 05.12.01

two days i using the iphone Along with tetherboot redsnow 0.9.8b3 there is no problem.

but on few day later the iphone not tetherboot anymore.

its become untethered........its weird


*sorry for my bad english