Hello together,

i have a iPhone 3GS Along with a DFU-Recovery Loop and Error 21 under iTunes

the iPhone is totally dead except DFU-Recovery Loop and DFU-Mode!

(i can put the iPhone from recovery mode into dfu mode and pwned dfu mode)

befor i open this thread i looked around the net to find a solution for my problem, but nothing which i found to be helpeded me title=frown

i try several methods Along with several programms under mac and under pc but Along without sucesstitle=frown

i tryed tinyumbrella, ireb, redsn0w to create a no_BB CFW, pwned dfu and try to restore Along with iTunes, and so on... but nothing absolutly nothing can to be helped me!

I also tryed to run a Ramdisk Along with ssh-server on the iPhone, (the orginal iOS is not touched because the Ramdisk will start from Ram of the iPhone) but Along without sucess!

So this is a 100% Hardware error!

a addition note, i do not know which ios or which baseband is on the iPhone, is there a way to find this informations through the recovery or dfu mode out?

kindly to be helped me out i have no idea i hope there are some experst who can to be helped me!

Thank you