[iphone apps] iOS and saving games

Today a new update of Infinity Blade was launched. And oh surprise, my device doesn't have enough space to download the update. What do I do??? Erase some other RPGs so I have space left to download the update?? Or I mess up with my playlist, and erase some songs?? Or even worst, do I erase a bunch of small apps in order to free the GB required??

Don't panic, there is a NOT-SO-CONVENIENT solution for it. Downloading the update from your computer, and then sync it with your device.

But come on!!!! With game center being more mature in iOS 5, for me it still lacks a basic feature on any gaming device. The capability to save games, regardless of if it is installed or not.

I mean, I surely don't want to be carrying 6+ GBs worth of games I don't play anymore, but I have to just for the sake of not losing the 100+ hours I've spend on them.

So how come I can't create 500KB files with the information of my saved games, so I can erase most of my apps, without losing my progress???

With more and more advanced and complex games coming up, 32GB will be just fairly enough for casual games who don't want to lose progress. I barely survive with 16GB.

So basically creating an easy way to erase not used games, while retaining my progress, would make a small boost on the app store sells.

However, that is just my point of view, and I'll like to hear your opinions.